Dementia Care West Hanney

Dementia Care for the Elderly in West Hanney with Golden Services

At Golden Services we offer our dementia care services to each of our clients, we know that everyone’s needs are diverse, this is why we offer a completely flexible service to all of our dementia sufferers in order to handle all of their specific requirements. At Golden Services we believe that everyone has a right to be cared for and looked after this is shown in the way our staff act towards our patients. The staff at Golden Services are equipped with the professionalism that is needed to do their job adequately, but they also have the biggest hearts which really comes through when conversing with clients and looking after them. Our team are also willing to adapt their services to adapt the unique needs of our clients.

At Golden Services we know when people’s mental capabilities start to decline due to their dementia, and they can begin to feel very vulnerable and in dire need of support. It is significant that those closest to them such as family, friends and carers achieve everything they possibly can to help the dementia sufferer to maintain their feeling of identity. We are determined to offer each of our clients an individually tailored care plan, that a lot of other care homes don’t offer.


How Golden Services Can Help

Golden Services are in an extremely good position to assist anyone who suffers from dementia in West Hanney and the surrounding areas. Dementia is a terrible illness in which can take a toll on its victims, which we know, this is why we at Golden Services are more than capable of designing a care plan for every single one of our clients ensuring that they receive the service which fits the patient’s requirements at best. Each one of our staff members at Golden Services works in complete different ways to each other offering a bespoke service throughout. If any of our West Hanney clients are ever unhappy with the service that they are receiving, our door is always open to discuss the situation, offering impartial advice and step in if needed. All of our clients can speak to us in confidence, and we will try our best to resolve the situation, whatever it may be resolving this quickly and efficiently ensuring our patients happiness isn’t wavered.

Our staff excel at what they do and genuinely care about everyone they look after. They want what is best for our clients which shows in the work they do. We are determined to go that extra mile for all of our sufferers in West Hanney; whatever you need, we will seek to do our very best for you. Golden Services thrive on happiness, which is why we constantly try to be as happy as we can without patients, if we smile, they usually smile, which can merely be a good thing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

We also offer our dementia care services in Didcot, Grove, Wantage and Radley.

 Dementia Care Services in West Hanney