Dementia Care

At Golden Service we take a personal approach to Dementia care this helps us give an improved the quality of life of our clients, as well as offering great peace of mind to everyone involved with them.

We believe the best place for elderly people with Dementia to live is in the safety and comfort of their own homes which helps comfort and support them whilst receiving the care they need.

We believe that everyone living with dementia has the right to enjoy a high quality of life in surroundings that are familiar. Our person-centred care approach combined with a managed and flexible service sets the standard for dementia care.

Our highly trained carers work very closely with people with dementia to learn about their history, personality, likes and dislikes. Our carers are trained and use a range of best practice techniques to provide reassurance, reduce anxiety and calm behaviours we find taking that extra time in learning all about our clients helps reduce risks and gives everyone involved a good understanding of what is require to support each and everyone allowing us to get the best out of life for them we can.

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