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Care for the Elderly in Grove with Golden Services

For a professional, loving and thoughtful elderly care service in Grove, Golden Services are the ones to call. Whether you are looking for a care plan for your elderly family member, loved one or friend in Grove, Golden Services are here for you. Our elderly care services in allows your loved one to remain living in their home in Grove with the assistance of Golden Services. This will enable your family member or friend to maintain their independence whilst still receiving the high quality care from Golden Services they truly deserve. Golden Services provide a care plan in Grove for all our clients on an individual basis, ensuring your loved one’s needs and requirements will be fully catered for with our elderly care service. Golden Services are extremely proud of the high level of care and dedication we provide for the elderly in Grove. We believe that Golden Services should always be your first choice for a loving and meaningful elderly care service in Grove. Our services will be tailored down to the individual and their needs with a care plan that will always ensure your loved one’s requirements are first priority with our service.

All of our members of staff here at Golden Services are fully trained and qualified, and will always put their all into our services to ensure your loved one is given a high standard of care they deserve. As home care specialists in Grove, our staff are all kind, loving and compassionate and will always put our client’s needs first to ensure they are completely happy, satisfied and comfortable. Golden Services meets the standard of service specified in the Care Standard Act of 2000. For a friendly, respectable and loving care service for the elderly in Grove, please be sure to give Golden Services a call today.

Golden Services

Our Services

We provide specialist care for the elderly in Grove, ranging from everyday tasks to giving clients medication. As a team of dedicated careers, we thrive on providing our clients with the highest possible level of care in all of Grove. Care plans vary and each of our clients have different needs and requirements in order to carry on living safely and securely in their home. So for all of our clients we provide a care plan tailored to their requirements to ensure that all their needs are taken care of with Golden Services. Some of the personal care tasks and medication services we provide in Grove can include:

  • Personal Care Tasks
  • Washing, showering and bathing
  • Dressing
  • Brushing and tidying hair
  • Cleaning teeth and dentures
  • Facial shave with an electrical shaver
  • Assisting to the toilet or commode
  • Attaching or removing night drainage bags to catheter bags
  • Medication Services
  • Prompting to take medication
  • Checking and observing medication has been taken
  • Recording medication has been taken
  • Dispensing medication from a dosing pack prepared by the pharmacist
  • Other medication tasks only in agreement with shared care protocols after training and supervision by the district nurse (this can include inhalers, eye drops or applying prescription cream)

We also offer elderly care services in Didcot, Wantage, West HanneyAbingdon, Denchworth and Radley.

Contact Golden Services today if you are looking for Elderly Care services in Grove: 07854443029



What does elderly care include?

Our team of professional carers will come out to you in order to provide care and support, so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Our team can assist with a number of areas including personal care like reminding you to take your medication, or helping you out with odd jobs around the house. We can also accompany you to medical appointments, visiting the shops or help you make meals.

Are the care team fully trained?

All of our carers are fully trained and as a company, Golden Services undergo a rigorous recruitment and training programme, we only work with carers who are totally committed to their job. Our training has been specifically designed by trainers who have all been carers themselves and know exactly what it means to provide hand on and heartfelt care and support.

How are members of your care team selected for the team?

All of our employees undergo a range of in-depth interviews and will have undergone psychological testing to ensure they have the right temperament for the job. We also ask for references from each potential employees and these referees are fully investigated before we make the final decision.

Why use a home care agency instead of private carer?

Using a elderly care agency like Golden Services means that the carers your using are skilled and experienced, and also have an understanding nature as well as the knowledge to provide quality care. You can rest assured as our team of carers are all professionally trained and will ensure that your person centred care is their number one priority.

Why choose Golden Services for elderly care?

When you choose Golden Services, you and your loved ones can trust you’re in the best hands, our professional care team will ensure all of your needs are met and that you have the care and support required to ensure you’re comfortable. For more information, simply call our team today.