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Professional Care from Golden Services in Grove

Golden Services provide a personal care service for people living in the Grove area. Because of the service we offer, our clients can stay at home whilst receiving the correct level of care, which, of course, gives the client extra independence in the comfort of their own home. Our clients living in Grove deserve to be well looked after and cared for on an individual basis that suits their specific requirements. Golden Services are the perfect choice for you if you would like to maintain your independence by staying at home, but still be provided with the extra help and support you may need.

Golden Services pride ourselves on the care and dedication which we put into all of our clients ensuring that they get a high quality service possible. Each of our clients have different needs and that is why we make sure that our service can fit around those so it suits the specific needs and requirements of the client. All of our staff members are fully qualified and Golden Services, as a service of care, meets the standard of service specified in the Care Standard Act of 2000. Golden Services are a home carer service and all of our staff are always kind and compassionate with their clients. We always ensure the personal care we provide involves putting the client first and making sure that they are comfortable and satisfied with the service in which they receive.

Our Service

We understand that each of our clients have different needs and requirements, which is why the service we provide has been made easily adaptable to suit the individual more efficiently, giving them the best personal care service. Golden Services work alongside the client and their relatives to ensure that all their needs and requirements are understood, with a plan of action on how they are going to be cared for. To do this, we set up a personal care plan where we make sure that all the clients needs are being covered, and so that the member of staff who will care for the client fully understands the needs of the client. This will be an agreed arrangement with the client and their relatives so everyone has a clear understanding of the personal care plan the client will receive.

Golden Services is a home carer service where we provide personal care to both physical disabilities and health problems. Our service can be easily altered so that our clients receive the best type of care suited to them as an individual. This means that the service we provide is different for all of our clients because we alter the service around the specific client to ensure they get the best personal care possible which they deserve.


Golden Services Personal Care Service in Grove includes:

  • People with dementia
  • The elderly
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People who mental health problems
  • Anyone who is housebound as a result of illness or hospitalisation

Our personal care service in Grove is usually carried out in four steps:

  1. Initial contact from the client, a relative or professional services.
  2. Informal meeting with client and relatives to discuss needs and taking into account budget available.
  3. Consultation with health and social service professionals if any are involved in the client’s care.
  4. Drawing up and agreement of the personal care plan with the client and their relatives.

Golden Services prefer the idea of our clients being able to be cared for from the comfort of their own home. So once these steps have been completed our client can be cared for properly from a place where they are happy, and a place where they can live life efficiently and effectively. Golden Services offer personal care in Grove, allowing our clients to maintain their living arrangements and still be independent, all-the-while receiving the personal care and support they deserve.

We also cover personal care in Radley, DidcotAbingdon, Denchworth and Wantage

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