Personal Care Radley

Professional Care from Golden Services in Radley

Here at Golden Services we provide a service to those in need of specialised care in the area of Radley. Our personal care service enables the client to remain at home and still be well looked after and cared for. By providing the service that we do, our client can still have maximum independence but be cared for properly from the comfort of their own home. Our clients in Radley deserve to be treated on an individual basis, where our services are tailored to meet their personal requirements. Golden Services pride ourselves on the level care and dedication we put into all of our clients, and with that being said, we feel as though we should be first choice for Personal Care in Radley.
Golden Services, as a service of care, meets the standard of service specified in the Care Standard Act of 2000. Our staff are all fully qualified, put their all into caring for our clients, and ensure that they receive the best personal care possible by offering the appropriate level of attention specific to their needs and requirements. As home care specialists, our staff are all kind and compassionate, always putting the client first to make sure they are always happy and comfortable with the service they are receiving.

Our Service

All of our clients have different needs and requirements which can alter from day to day. Golden Services work with our clients in making sure all their needs are understood and cared for, where we start off by setting up a personal care plan to make sure all your (or your relatives/friends) needs and requirements are covered. This plan is then put in place so that our staff have a clear understanding and agreed arrangement on the treatment plan for you as the client, or your loved one alike.
As a home carer, Golden Services provide caring services for both physical disabilities or health problems, and we alter our service for each of our clients so that they are receiving the best possible personal care for them as an individual.


Golden Services Personal Care Service in Radley includes:

  • People with dementia
  • The elderly
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People who mental health problems
  • Anyone who is housebound as a result of illness or hospitalisation

Our Service for people in Radley can be personally designed with a personal care plan to suit the client as an individual. This is usually done in four steps:

  1. Initial contact from the client, a relative or professional services
  2. Informal meeting with client and relatives to discuss needs and taking into account budget available
  3. Consultation with health and social service professionals if any are involved in the client’s care
  4. Drawing up and agreement of the personal care plan with the client and their relatives

After this a personal care plan is put in place for the client and they can be cared for properly in the way that they deserve. Golden Services can give the client the independence to be able to stay at home but still get the caring service which they require. This means the client can stay at home and live a more comfortable, efficient life, whilst they receive the personal care service in Radley that Golden Services provide..

We also cover personal care in DidcotGrove, Abingdon, Denchworth and Wantage

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